I am proud to welcome you to La Pocatière, in the Québec premises of the Campus Saint-Jean.

Full-fledged faculty of the University of Alberta, Campus Saint-Jean is an academic institution training leaders for the 21st century and prepared to play a significant role in the global village. Campus Saint-Jean is extremely rich in history. Since its founding in 1908, it has undergone numerous transformations to meet the needs of Francophones in Western Canada. Today, our institution plays a significant role in French Canada as well as throughout the French-speaking world. In La Pocatière, you will most certainly find one of the most interesting places to learn and practice French. It is located along the St. Lawrence River, less than 70 minutes from Québec city.

When you enroll in our program, you will find a college rich with almost 200 years of history. Come discover one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world! Participate in an unforgettable language learning experience, using a communicative approach, in a secure and completely French-speaking environment. Take part in our classes, workshops, and many other enrichment activities, all supervised by a dynamic and enthusiastic team of professional instructors. Imagine a typical day with us: in the morning, in class to practice our language; in the afternoon, in workshops on dance, theatre, arts, sports, or journalism, or on outings such as Québec City or Grosse-Île; in the evening, winding down, in conversation with people from the community, attending a masked ball, or relaxing beside a campfire on the riverbank ...

Our team is more than ready to accommodate you and live with you the most exciting and enriching experience ever!

I am looking forward to meeting you soon!

Stéphane Lemelin
Executive Coordinator

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