Residency & transportation


Adult clientele at noon

Every day, two other cafeterias are open to adult residents, our College staff and to many workers in the region who, because of the reception offered by the College and the quality of the food served here, come back day after day to enjoy the noon “family meal”.


The CSA provides services that benefit the entire community. Thanks to its outstanding hosting abilities, it has come to be a choice point of contact for many audiences hailing from outside the college. The historical character of our building, the quality of our rental spaces and food services make it a sought-after venue. Corporate entities and social groups of all kinds meet here for an evening or even over the course of a season.

Summer season

During summer, our institution has hosted the Explore program for over ten years. In practical terms, the program involves two hundred interns and staff members who receive three meals per day, seven days a week over five consecutive weeks. All in all, over 21,000 meals are served over a rather short period of time.

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