Our Collège


BAIRD, CINDY, English, Extension 271

BEAULIEU, STÉPHANIE, Science, Extension 277

BELHUMEUR, CARL, Mathematics, Extension 279

BRIDEAU, NATALIE-ANNE, Science, Extension 263

CAUCHON, ANNE-FRANCE, English and French, Extension 321

DAIGLE, JONATHAN, Drama, Methodology and Physical Education, Extension 302

DÉRY, MYRIAM, Arts, Extension 276

DESCHÊNES, KASSANDRA, Francisation, in charge of the school residence, extension 255

DIONNE, ISABELLE, French, Extension 296

DIONNE, LUCIE, Mathematics, Extension 257

DUFOUR, VALÉRIE, History, Extension 322

DUMONT, VICKY, Mathematics, Extension 261

FORTIER, MARC, Ethics and Religious Culture, Extension 273

GAGNON, SAMUEL, French and Francisation, Extension 619

GENDREAU, DENIS, Mathematics and Physical Education, Extension323

LABERGE, DOMINIQUE, Mathematics and Science, Extension 206

LAFOREST, JULIE, English, Extension 327

LANDRY, JEAN-PIERRE, Mathematics, Extension 264

LAROUCHE, ANDRÉ, Economics, Geography and History, Extension 241

MASSÉ, ÉDITH, French, Extension 283

MERCIER, MAUDE, French, Extension 285

MOREAU, MIGUELLE, French, Extension 293

PARADIS, SERGE, Physical Education, Extension 329

ROY, NORBERT, History and Physical Education, Extension 243

ST-PIERRE, SYLVIE, History and Music, Extension 259

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