Explore in Education (18+)

La Pocatière, Québec (Campus Saint-Jean, University of Alberta)

May 06, 2024 to June 07, 2024

Campus Saint-Jean is the University of Alberta’s French-speaking campus. Our program is held during spring in La Pocatière, Québec, a quiet, rural, agricultural centre located along the St. Lawrence River, a totally French-speaking milieu.

Overview of the program

Are you a student at a Canadian university? Are you functionally fluent in French (NCLC Level 5 or CEFR Level B1, or higher)? Are you planning to teach French, or to teach in French, after you graduate? Are you interested in improving your spoken French and experiencing francophone Canadian culture? Then you will love this opportunity to immerse yourself for five weeks in a unilingual French-speaking city on the shore of the St. Lawrence River and work with experienced teachers to expand your command of French!


This program is intended for education students that are functionally fluent in French (NCLC Level 5 or CEFR Level B1, or higher).


To be awarded a bursary, Canadian applicants must be attending an education program at university during the current school year and be at least 18 years old on the first day of the program.

Non-bursary or international students must be aged of 18 years +.

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