Code of Ethics


Enrolment in the College

Upon enrolment, the College, parents and the student undertake a commitment that binds them over the course of the entire school year.

1. The College commits to making use of all resources required to provide young people with a sound Christian education. All of the subject requirements are grounded in the values of this orientation. Every student needs to flourish in the school environment, which is, after all, a social environment governed by the common good.

2. For their part, parents and students recognize that the College authorities are entitled to ensure proper observance of the school rules, to interpret them and to apply them. They also commit to observing the rules outlined below and to collaborate in applying the rules by accepting the support measures and penalties arising from violations, where appropriate, and to collaborate in implementing support measures.

There are three components in this commitment:

1. The College shall only admit students who commit to meeting the work, disciplinary and distinction requirements inherent in a sound education.

2. The College reserves the right to exclude students who are found to be in serious violation of the school rules of the College or who violate a pledge registered in a conditional admission contract.

3. Every student registered with the College is subject to the joint responsibility of the General Director, the Director of Studies and the Director of Students.

Consult or download our Code of Ethics (in French).

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