The students at our college, like students everywhere, have grown up with technologies, a fact that cannot be dismissed. We have opted to take the opportunity to connect with our students in the technological environment in which they are maturing.

In September 2012, the iPad entered our Secondary I and II classrooms. In practical terms, all Cycle One Secondary students now had, in their schoolbag, an iPad loaded with many educational apps, including their school agenda.

This marked the start of a new way of learning but also, and above all, of enriching both teaching and learning. It was a bold step, although this was not the first challenge we successfully met.

Nonetheless, we had to prepare to make this new educational approach a success. Six months before the official introduction of iPads in the classroom, all the teachers took their turn as students. And we congratulate them for their professionalism.

Since 2015, the iPad has its place alongside notebooks, pencils and calculators in the schoolbags of all our students.

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