Canada is the second largest country in the world, but is sparsely populated (around 36 million people). Covering 9.98 million square kilometres, the country offers an unparalleled quality of life throughout ten provinces and three territories, all of which offering a peerless diversity of sceneries. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the vast spaces while those who prefer the city life will meet their expectations in Canada’s big cities such as Vancouver, Toronto and Montréal.

First populated by the French people in the beginning of the 16th century and conquered by the English people in the 18th century, Canada is now a bilingual country, although 85% of French-speaking Canadians live in the province of Québec. Its policies promote multiculturalism, which is protected by its Constitution.

With its strong economic partnership with the United States, Canada is considered as one of the richest countries on earth. Offering the great richness of its nature and a diversified culture, Canada is definitely the finest place to discover. So why go surfing in Hawaii, skiing in the Alps or climbing the Kilimanjaro when you can find it all in Canada?

Image: Wikipedia

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