Values and Orientations

Our educational project is based on values to which all the educators of our institution subscribe. We want our students to experience these values by inviting them to observe our own attitudes as a point of reference. These attitudes underpin our vision and we firmly believe that they encourage our students to develop their own skills, knowledge and attitudes and to become committed, responsible citizens.


Respect and openness to the world

Respect is a value of the highest importance to us. It is embodied in our school regulations, in the use of formal address required of our students, in our welcoming approach to others, and in the quality of our interpersonal relations, not to mention respect for the environment. Education implies openness to the world, an enrichment to be harvested. How could it be otherwise?

Autonomy and sense of responsibility

Autonomy and a sense of responsibility are values that guide the standards we require of our students.

Commitment and achievement

Commitment and achievement, in the sense of surpassing oneself, refer to the motivation and perseverance that students demonstrate through all the academic and extra-curricular choices they make.


Life in society

1. We are committed to fostering the involvement of every one of our students to ensure they become citizens who are responsible for their choices, respectful and aware of the richness of diversity.

2. We are committed to helping students develop strategies for the responsible consumption and use of goods and services by calling on values associated with ethical and critical judgment.

Academic success

1. We are committed to fostering the academic success of our students by providing support that reflects students’ needs, taking into account the diversity of students’ aptitudes and interests.

2. We are committed to helping our students develop the knowledge and skills they require to make progress in their learning and thereby acquire a diversified general culture.

Today in preparation for tomorrow

1. We are committed to helping our students develop a passion for learning, exploration and discovery.

2. We are committed to helping our students develop a wide range of oral and written communication skills.

3. We are committed to working together with our students to help them develop good living habits with respect to health, wellbeing, safety and sexuality.

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