Our Business French program is intended for people who wish to learn the basic knowledge of French communication or improve their French language proficiency in their business relationship framework.

Tailored to your needs, this program is offered in different levels –from beginner to high advanced– and focuses on the specific vocabulary and expressions commonly used in the business world.


The action-oriented approach which is genuinely defining this learning experience will lead the learners to make the most of their learning while systematically reinvesting their knowledge through realistic and authentic communicative tasks and thus improving their new language abilities step by step. No matter their actual French language competence, all participants are bound to develop their skills in a significant way.

A program linked to the CEFR

In order to meet the specific needs and objectives of the students, our institution offers courses that are entirely based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and adapted to everyone’s proficiency level, which is determined according to the CEFR.

Working with the CEFR is beneficial because it is:

  • Flexible: Can be adapted to suit the language needs and contexts of the institutions;
  • Practical: It includes a language portfolio, for measuring progress in language learning;
  • Grounded: Based on a commonly accepted theory of language teaching, learning and assessment;
  • Validated: Product of more than 30 years of rigorous research into language teaching, learning and assessment;
  • Recognized: Used in over 47 countries and increasingly so in Canada;
  • User friendly: ‘Can do’ statements can be understood and used by directors, staff, teachers and students.

Furthermore, using the CEFR validates students’ language learning in an internationally used system.


CAD 2,900 + taxes per person

Including: French classes, 3 meals per day and lodging (for one week)

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