Rules and regulations

Once you apply to our program, you agree to abide by the following regulations:

1. Speak French at all times
2. Attend and participate in all classes and workshops
3. Participate actively in compulsory sociocultural activities
4. Show a respectful and positive attitude towards all staff and all participants of the program

5. Respect the evening curfew

Consequently, any of the following would constitute sufficient cause for immediate dismissal from the program at your own expenses:

• Refusing to speak or to make attempts to speak French at all times

• Deliberately missing classes and other mandatory activities
• Being consistently late for class or for workshops
• Showing a negative attitude in all of the program’s activities

• Using alcohol on the premises
• Possessing and using non-medicinal drugs
• Harassing or mistreating anyone during the program
• Disobedience to any of the rules of life in the residence

• Disregarding any of the program’s aforementioned rules

Download the following document in order to read our complete rules and regulations:

Rules and regulations (PDF)

Weekly schedule

Download the following documents in order to know our typical schedules:

Weekday Schedule (Spring program) (PDF)

Weekday Schedule (Summer programs) (PDF)

Weekend day Schedule (PDF)

Frequently asked questions

Download the following document to find the answers to our most frequently asked questions:

F.A.Q. (PDF)

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